October 16th, 2015: Welcome to New York

Friday’s Festivities:

“Show ’em whatcha got!”  That was Jay-Z’s sample of Flava Flav, shouting at me from the Reitz Union breezeway.

This particular GatorNight didn’t have much.

There was a long queue for hot dogs, in contrast to everything I’ve seen regarding actual New York City hot dog carts.  As I’m not much of a hot dog guy, I passed on that.

Someone named “Joe” was giving away custom spray can paintings, because nothing screams “big city life” like graffiti.  A NY green screen photo op and street signs (I have no idea) rounded out the breezeway’s thin offerings.

The Grand Ballroom was taken over for “Drag Ball- Powder, Pearls & Pumps,” held in honor of Pride History Week.  The idea, one of the event organizers said, was to recreate the party atmosphere of 80s gay culture.  They nailed the array of disco lights, but even when the music started there wasn’t much dancing.

The Second Floor Screen

Watching TrainwreckI was surprised that Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow hadn’t sooner collaborated; the irreverence of her script and starring performance felt a perfect match for the comedy director’s sensibilities.

If anything keeps the film bobbing above water when so many romantic comedies drown, it’s the fundamental sincerity embedded in most of Apatow’s movies; from the script to the performances (with wrestler-turned-Internet-joke John Cena and basketball star LeBron James as surprise scene-stealers), Trainwreck treats its characters’ relationships with disarming gentleness, for all the crassness of some of the dialogue.  It’s rare, these days, to see a rom-com during which one wants to see the characters end up together, and in this Trainwreck succeeds.  A personal highlight: the kind of laughs Bill Hader can earn just with the word “No.”


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